Entice @ Spookzilla!

Entice has joined Spookzilla this year!¬† We have some amazing offerings hidden around at the location for you! Entice’s items will be hidden in little orange ghosties.

Unicorn Lingerie

The first, “Lavender Blue Lingerie” in Unicorn comes in Maitreya, Slink (Physique, Hourglass) and Belleza (Freya, Isis) sizes. The set includes the bra, panties, and garter.

Unicorn Hairband

We have an “Unicorn Hairband” hidden there as well!

Unicorn Nails

There are also matching ” Unicorn Nails” which work with Maitreya, Slink, Omega and Belleza.

Unicorn Makeup

To finish off the look, we have included our “Unicorn Makeup” which works with Catwa and Omega heads.

Stitches Nails

There is one more set of nails to find.¬† The “Stitches” nails work with Maitreya, Slink,¬† Belleza and Omega nails.

Gumball Dress – Halloween

We also make our Gumball dress in Halloween colors for you which comes in Maitreya, Slink (Hourglass), Belleza (Freya, Isis) sizes and Classic fitmesh sizes.

Superstition Skull Face Tattoo

The next item we have is the Supersition Skull Face Tattoo which includes a tattoo layer and Omega appliers.

We have the “Superstition” tops next which come in Maitreya, Belleza Venus, 5 classic sizes and 5 classic fitmesh sizes.

Superstition Skirts

Next is the “Superstition” skirts which come in Maitreya, Slink (Physique, Hourglass), Belleza (Freya, Isis, Venus), eBody, Tonic¬† (Fine, Curvy) and TMP sizes.

Superstition Nylons

One last thing, the “Superstition” nylons which come in Omega appliers.

The event only runs for two days, so, head over there today here!






Entice @ The Liaison Collaborative (October)

I Hope You Dance Skirts and Tops

Entice has release the “I Hope You Dance” skirt and top outfit for the October round of The Liaison Collaborative event.¬† There are eight individual skirt and top colors to choose from or fatpacks of ten (2 bonus colors in each fatpack). The matching skirt and top outfit comes in Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Belleza Freya sizes.

Available now at The Liaison Collaborative Event!

Entice @ Genre (September)

Drowsy Maggie Skirt & Top

The theme is Celtic for this round of Genre. ¬†Entice has created “Drowsy Maggie” sweaters and skirts for the event which comes in Maitreya, Slink Physique, Belleza Venus and 5 standard sizes. ¬†The skirts and tops are each sold in eight individual colors and each have fatpack of ten (2 bonus colors are in each fatpack).

Head over to Genre today!


Entice @ The Designer Showcase (Part 2)

Entice has also released “Sweater Girl” at the Designer Showcase event.
The sweater comes in Classic, Maitreya, Slink and Belleza sizes with an unrigged scarf. The boots which are sold in a pack, comes in Maitreya, Belleza (Freya, Isis, & Venus) Slink (Physique & Hourglass) and Tonic (Fine & Curvy). There are eight styles to choose from or get two bonus colors in the fatpack!

Entice @ Tres Chic!





Entice is at Tres Chic again for the¬†Parisien Chic themed January round with the “Champs Elysees” outfit. ¬†The top comes in Maitreya and Fitted Mesh sizes while the jeans come in¬†Maitreya, Slink (Physique, Hourglass), Belleza (Isis, Venus), eBody and Tonic (Fine, Curvy). ¬†There is also a set of matching nails for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and Omega hands.

Head over to the Tres Chic event today! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nika/98/183/21

Entice @ The Designer Showcase!

Entice has 2 new released for the Designer Showcase’s special Anniversary round. ¬†The first set is “Smack That” Lingerie in Lace which comes in Maitreya, Slink (Physique, Hourglass) and Belleza (Freya, Isis, Venus). There are 12 colors to choose from or get them all in a highly customizable HUD controlled Fatpack.

Smack That LIngerie Set

There are also matching nylons for Maitreya, Omega and Classic.

Smack That Nylons

The second item Entice has put out is “Prep School Blues” outfit. ¬†The top comes in¬†Classic Fitmesh, Maitreya, Slink (Physique & Hourglass), Belleza (Freya, Isis, & Venus) and TMP sizes while the pants come in¬†Classic, Maitreya, Slink (Physique & Hourglass) and Belleza (Freya, Isis, & Venus) sizes. ¬†There are also matching loafers for Maitreya, Classic and Slink Feet.

Prep School Blues Set

Entice has also put out “Simple Life” nails for Maitreya, Omega, Belleza and Slink hands as a special gift for in-world Designer Showcase VIP group members.

Simple Life Nails Gift

There are so many things this month at the Designer Showcase! ¬†You can’t miss this! ¬†Head over there now!