Special Events

RelayStock – Entice has Donated Dresses, Gift Cards and More!

Entice is at RelayStock RFL Charity Event!

Entice – New Dresses *100 %* Donation at Freedom Rock 4 ACS Fundraiser!

Entice’s “Shake it Out” Dress for ACS Charity Event

Entice – St. Patrick’s Day Hunt presented by Fab Free!

Entice for the St. Patrick’s Day Hunt starting on March 1st.

Entice – Mardi Gras Dress American Cancer Society Donation!

Entice’s “One Love” Dress in “Mardi Gras” for ACS’s Mardi Gras Celebration!

Entice – Free Skirt Gift at The SL Shop & Hop!

Entice’s “Only Excpetion” in Wine at the SL Shop & Hop!

Entice – New Sweater Dress at CozyFest!

Entice at CozyFest by FLF Events

Entice – New Lingerie Set for Advent December 24th!

Entice’s Lucky Star Lingerie in Violet for Dec 24th Advent

Entice – New Corset Lingerie for Dec 23rd Advent!

Entice’s “Spellbound” Corset Outift in Rust – Dec 23rd Advent.

Entice – New Fantasy Dress – Dec 22nd Advent!

Entice’s “Wolves” Dress in Wine – Dec 22nd Advent!

Entice – New Heart Top – Advent December 21st.

Entice’s “Only Exception” Top in Aqua for Dec 21st Advent!

Entice – New Aqua Skirt for Dec 20th Advent!

Entice’s “Only Exception” Skirt in Aqua for Dec 20th Advent!

Entice – New Bikini – Advent Dec 19th

Entice’s “Heat Wave” Bikini in Coffee for Dec 19th Advent.

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