Entice – Tantalizing Dresses at Cosmo!

Entice has released the “Every Heartbeat” Dresses at the Cosmopolitan Event. LaraX, PetiteX, GenX, Reborn, Kupra and Meshbody Legacy sizes are included.

Entice’s “Every Heartbeat” Dresses

There are 5 sets with 8 fabrics to choose from. If you can’t choose, Fatpacks or a MegaFatpack is also available with some pretty cool style options on the HUD.

Cosmopolitan runs from March 18-30
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Song inspiration: Every Heartbeat by Amy Grant

Entice – 1 Linden 1 Hour

Entice is putting the “Chattahoochie” dress in Dark Blue out for only 1 Linden, but only for one hour! This cute dress comes in Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass and Belleza Freya sizes and on April 19th from 12:30pm to 1:30 pm slt, it will only be 1 Linden!

Entice’s “Chattahoochie” Dress in Dark Blue
Entice’s “Chattahoochie” Dress

The other colors as well as the Fatpack will also be on sale until April 23rd.

1 Linden One Hour is on April 19th at 12:30pm till 1:30pm slt. Be sure to stop by early to get yours!

Entice – Spring Flair!

Entice is at the Spring Flair event with the “New Attitude” skirt and the “Butterfly” accessory.

Entice’s “New Attitude” Skirts

The “New Attitude” skirt comes in Maitreya Lara, Legacy, Slink Hourglass and Belleza Freya sizes. There are eight individual colors to choose from or a HUD controlled Fatpack of ten. The matching top can be found at the Cosmopolitan event from April 5th-18th.

Entice’s “Butterfly” Accessory

The “Butterfly” accessory includes a HUD with 15 wing colors and 2 body colors. The butterfly is un-rigged and can be resized by the included HUD.

The Spring Flair Fair runs from April 9th-30th

Entice @ The Rotten Egg Hunt

Entice is participating in the Rotten Egg Hunt this year hosted by Zombie Suicide.  We have five eggs hidden at the location all with super amazing new releases in them.

Wildflower Nails for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Omega Nails

The egg labelled 1 of 5 has “Wildflower Nails” which work with Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and Omega Nails.

Angel Witch T-Shirt in Spring

The egg labelled 2 of 5 has “Angel Witch”  t-shirt in Spring which comes in Maitreya, Slink (Physique, Hourglass) and Belleza (Freya, Isis) sizes.

Angel Witch Panties in Spring

The egg labelled 3 of 5  has “Angel Witch” panties in Spring which also comes in Maitreya, Slink (Physique, Hourglass and Belleza (Freya, Isis) sizes

I Want You Dress in Sea

The egg labelled 4 of 5 has “I Want You” in Sea which comes in Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Belleza Freya sizes.

Beg for Mercy in Yellow

The egg labelled 5 of 5 has “Beg for Mercy” in Yellow which comes in Maitreya, Slink (Physique, Hourglass), TMP, Classic Fitmesh and 5 standard sizes.

The Rotten Egg Hunt starts on April 14th!

Entice @ Tres Chic!

Entice releases “Radioactive” at Tres Chic’s “Think Pink in Spring” themed event.  The dress and sweater can be worn separate and both come in Maitreya, Slink (Physique, Hourglass) and Belleza (Freya, Isis, Venus) sizes.  They are sold in the individual color sets or a HUD controlled Fatpack which includes two bonus colors.

Tres Chic: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nika/98/69/22

Entice @ On9

Entice releases the “Spring Affair” outfit at the On9 event. The top and bra comes in fitmesh, Maitreya, Slink (Physique, Hourglass) and Belleza (Freya, Isis, Venus) sizes while the pants with boots come in Maitreya, Link (Physique, Hourglass) and Belleza (Freya, Isis, Venus).   The aqua outfit is 30% off for the duration of the event.  Get your favorite color or get them all plus two bonus colors in a HUD controlled Fatpack.

On9 Event: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Orchid/172/207/999