Entice – Official Statement

A few days ago, Entice was accused of downloading files from Renderosity to use illegally in Second Life. As you can imagine, it has taken us a few days to put together our statement as we had to contact the persons involved and gather all evidence. We would now like to take this time to respond to the accusations alleged against Entice.

In the designing process, we are often looking for inspiration; from magazines, movies, fashion blogs, pinterest, and sites like Renderosity. The mesh in question: Unstoppable, was created based on the images found on Renderosity: Shown here

Entice is comprised of 2 people: Jolene Carami and Kira Paderborn. Entice also hires 2 meshers to create original mesh that is exclusive to Entice. We contacted the mesher who created the accused item as soon as we were made aware of the situation. They immediately responded with 3D images of the UVs and the zbrush files. Our next course of action was to contact the designer on Renderosity.

It was explained to the Renderosity designer, that Entice was being accused of taking her mesh and repurposing it for use in Second Life. She was first shown side by side comparisons of her original mesh creation and Entice’s mesh. Although the 2 meshes are similar, there are differences that can be found. UV maps were then sent so that they may be looked at in further detail. After having reviewed the maps, Renderosity Mesher said that they were laid out differently and although they looked close to hers, they were not the same. Shown here

The Renderosity designer recommended that the item be discontinued so situations like this do not happen again. She was afraid that the item would be recognized by others and reported over and over.
Although this was not mandatory, out of respect to the Renderosity designer’s suggestion, we immediately removed the mesh: Unstoppable, along with another mesh: Lothlorien, that was created inspired by another one of her works. She also asked that in the future should Entice use her products as inspiration, that we would not re-created the item exactly. We promised that we would never use her work as inspiration in the future as we do not want to cause un-due stress. Shown Here Shown Here

To clarify further: The Renderosity designer had been contacted also by an anonymous person to confirm if this was her mesh that was stolen. She had replied in the affirmative, however it was in regards to her own artwork. Shown here. She hadn’t looked at the UVs at this point.

We also take slander very seriously. We have reported and will continue to report any persons slandering Entice. Shown here

To the valued patrons of Entice:
We apologize for any misgivings or distrust that we have inadvertently caused you. You are the reason why we exist. Without you and your faith in us, we couldn’t do what we are doing. We hope that this puts any doubts to rest.
Entice strives to maintain transparency with our patrons. We appreciate the people who take the time to bring their concerns to us, and would like to encourage open communication with respect from both sides. We welcome any and all questions or concerns you have about our brand. Also, thank you to all of you who have supported us through this ordeal. You make this all worth while.

Jolene Carami & Kira Paderborn, owners of Entice


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